34-35 : Abram And Lot

34-35 : Abram And Lot

ABRAM was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold, and Lot who travelled with him
was also very rich, having flocks and herds and tents.

The land was not able to support them all;
they could not live together in one place
and there was trouble between the herdsmen of Abram and the herdsmen of Lot.
 There were Canaanites and Perizzites also living off the land, so Abram said to Lot:
"Let there be no trouble between you and me,
nor between your men and my men, for we are relatives.
 Is not the whole land before you? Separate yourself,, I beg you, from me.
 If you choose the left hand, I will go to the right.
 Or if you move to the right then I will go to the left."
Lot lifted his eyes and looked out over the whole plain of Jordan,
and saw how well the land was watered everywhere.
It was like the garden of the Lord and like parts of the land of Egypt.
So Lot chose for himself all the plain of Jordan.
 He went towards the east,and they separated one from the other.

Abram lived in the land of Canaan
and Lot lived in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent near Sodom.
And when Lot had departed, God said to Abram:
"Lift up your eyes now, and look northward, southward, eastward and westward.
For all the land which you
see I will give to you and to your descendants for ever.
And I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth,
so that if anybody could count the dust of the earth, he would also be able to count your descendants.
"Arise, walk through the land, the length of it and the breadth of it, for to you I will give it all."

Then Abram moved his tent and went and dwelt in the plain of Mamre
which is in Hebron, and there he built an altar to the Lord.
Soon afterward, there was war in the land and Lot
and his possessions were captured and taken from Sodom.
Abram rescued Lot and his goods and his people, and restored them.


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