85 : Joseph Reveals Who He Is

85 : Joseph Reveals Who He Is


Then Joseph could not restrain himself before all of them that stood around him.
He cried: "Let everyone leave me !"
So the Egyptians departed, and Joseph made himself known to his brothers.
But he wept aloud, and the Egyptians and Pharaoh's household heard.

Joseph said to his brothers: "I am Joseph. Is my father still alive?"
His brothers could not answer him, for they were all overcome with fear.
Joseph said to his brothers: "Come close to me, I beg you."

They came near, and he said: "I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold into Egypt.
 Now do not grieve nor be angry with yourselves because you sold me here,
 for God sent me here ahead of you, to save your lives.

"For two years now the famine has been in the land,
and there are five more years to come in which there shall be neither tilling nor harvest.
 God sent me here ahead of you to preserve your families on the earth and to save your lives. Therefore it was not really you that sent me here, but God,
and he has made me an adviser to Pharaoh, and lord of his household,
and a ruler throughout the land of Egypt.

"Hurry now, and go up to my father, and you will say to him:
 'Your son Joseph says: God has made me lord of all Egypt.
Come down to me without delay.
You shall dwell in the land of Goshen, where you shall be near me, you, your children,
and your children's children, your flocks and your herds, and all you own.
And I will nourish you here, for there are still five years of famine to come,
and You and your household would know poverty otherwise.'
"Now your eyes and the eyes of my brother, Benjamin, can see that it is really I who speak to you.
You are to tell my father of all my glory in Egypt, and of all you have seen.
 Go and hurry, and bring my father down here."
He embraced Benjamin, his brother, and he wept, and Benjamin wept.
 Then he kissed all his brothers and wept with them, and after that his brothers talked with him.



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