88-89 : Jacob Has A Dream And Goes To Egypt

88-89 : Jacob Has A Dream And Goes To Egypt


JACOB then left for Beer-sheba with everything he owned,
and offered sacrificees to the God of his father Isaac.

God spoke to him at night in a dream saying:Jacob,Jacob."  

"Here I am," said Jacob.
God said:"I am the God of your father.
 Do not fear to go down into Egypt, for I will establish you there as a great nation.
 I will go down with you into Egypt, and I will surely bring you up again.
 Joseph shall put his hand upon your eyes."

Jacob departed from Beer-sheba, and his sons carried their father,
 their little ones and their wives in the wagons which the Pharaoh had sent to carry them.
They took their cattle and the goods which they had acquired in the land of Canaan.

And so Jacob came into Egypt, and all his kindred with him: his sons and the sons of his sons,
 his daughters and his sons' daughters.
All of them he brought with him into Egypt.

JACOB came into the land of Goshen.
 And Joseph made ready his chariot and went up to meet his father.
 He presented himself to him, and he fell on his neck, and he wept on his neck a good while.
 Jacob said to Joseph: "Now I may die, since I have seen your face and know you are still alive."

Joseph took five of his brothers and presented them to Pharaoh.
And Pharaoh spoke to them saying: "What is your occupation?"
 And they answered, "We are shepherds We pray you, on account of the famine in Canaan,
to let us dwell in Goshen."

Then Pharaoh turned to Joseph and said: "Your father and your brothers have come to you.
 The land of Egypt is before you.
 Have your father and your brothers dwell in the best part of the land of Goshen.
If you know any men of great value among them,
make them overseers of the cattle that belong to me."

Then Joseph brought in Jacob, his father, and set him before Pharaoh.
And Jacob blessed Pharaoh.



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